We provide multidimensional Information Management/Technology, and Telecommunications Infrastructure Services with emphasis on fibre optics structure cabling solutions to various sectors within the economy.

We provide a range of services in the field of Telecommunications including:

  • Backbone (long-haul)network
  • Metro networks
  • Fiber to the home (ftth) networks deployment/maintenance
  • Wireless networks solutions (point to point ,point to multipoint)
  • Satellite network solutions.
    Locating and mapping services for underground utilities using ground penetrating radar (gpr).
  • Consultancy services for network rollout supervision,quality assurance and network audit

Our Telecommunication Services include:

Local Area Network

We undertake the following by installing:

  • Category 5/6/7 network Structured office cabling
  • Switches and Routers
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • Fibre Optic Cabling

We offer the above to your LAN and we are not only involved in new installations, we also provide upgrades. In order to make sure that you have a reliable network, we service and maintain your network by undergoing on-site services, troubleshooting and repairs and network optimization.

Wireless LAN

Wireless Local Area Network is without doubt a very efficient, promising and innovative technology with a variety of possibilities.

We Pharalview Nigeria Ltd install products which are necessary to build your local wireless network and can be easily be integrated into your existing network and satellite modem as well.

We also install access points with a very simple configuration with the PCs which have to be equipped with a WLAN cards which are connected wireless to the router via integrated access points

Security  is  our  focus;  therefore  we  deploy  systems  with  high  security encoding methods.

Where PCs are located apart by several kilometres from access points, we deploy very efficient antennas which replace the factory installed standard antennas for WLAN cards. It could be omni directional or point to point antennas depending on design.

Wide Area Networks

We provide installation of wide area networks, interconnecting multiple (remote) locations. Our services include planning, design, implementation and support of:

Microwave Radio Links:
We carry out link budgeting and profile; we install antennas and radios, mast and towers, and RF cables terminated with connectors. Pharalview Nigeria  limited ensures that our clients’ microwave radio links and support structures provide top-performance, and are error free with high integrity, reliability and availability.
Loses from cables and connectors can usually pose a serious challenge, therefore we use high-quality cables and connectors, with professional personnel to terminate the cables.
Fibre optics Cable:
We carry out installation of multi mode and single mode fibre cables, splicing and terminations using different methods, installation of patch panels etc. We carry out integrity tests on our links using bit error rate tester and optic analyzer to confirm link’s integrity.
VSAT ( Very Small Aperture Terminal)

Internet has undoubtedly become the primary means of national and international communication.

Pharalview Nigeria Limited partners with reputable and reliable ISP provider that provides comprehensive internet backbone connectivity solution and we deplore best antennas that are durable, with metal-net reflector, glass fibre reinforced, exact and steady with a very good price.

We establish a reliable Internet infrastructure for the support of your business and services and in order to avoid expensive transmission outages or delays we consider the following critical factors:

  • Reliability: Guaranteed end-to-end uptime on the communication links
  • Quality: Guaranteed response times and performance
  • Throughput: Guaranteed bandwidth to be available constantly – DEDICATED channel
  • Security: Ability to support required encryption schemes
  • Flexibility:  Adjustments   in   speed   and   support   of   multiple applications (FTP, HTTP )

Our network supports the following requirements:

  • Internet access, web browsing, e-mail and file transfer
    • PC-based voice/fax over Internet services
    • Toll-quality VoIP services
  • Wireless and dial-up local loop connectivity from the Pop
    • Managed server hosting
    • International voice and fax services
  • Reliable Data Network between offices at different locations

We offer not only services for new installations but also maintain, change, upgrade, de-install or site move because we stand for Guaranteed Reaction Time, Trained Staff, Certified Engineers, Quality Control, first level Super Service and Up-to-Date Equipment.

We Look Forward To Creating Enduring Partnerships