Our management and consultancy service is achieved as a result of project management professional training undertaken by most of our personnel and their experience in turnkey projects they have been involved in the past years.

Pharalview Nigeria Limited is a Nigerian indigenous company with focus on optimizing local content to create values and jobs in Nigeria. Top management of the company has a 90% Nigeria content and their management and engineering staff has extensive working experience in Nigeria covering a period of over Ten years.

We define Local Content with respect to the as: “The extent of involvement of Nigeria resources (expertise, raw materials, finished goods, services etc).” Or more aptly put: “The utilization of the Nigeria human and material resources, in its exploitation and development.”

This involves giving full and fair opportunity for Nigeria entrepreneurs either solely or in partnership/strategy alliances with foreign outfits to participate in diverse sector, with such consideration made in a manner that does not adversely impact on the commercial viability of the business.

Local Content Optimisation Strategies
  • Statutory policy on local content
  • Employment of
  • Infrastructural/Community
  • Use of local sub
  • Horizontal collaboration and partnerships with local
  • Extensive Training and Technology

In all the application of these strategies for local content optimization,shall not lose sight of the following:

  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Cost
  • Delivery Schedule

We believe at Pharalview Nigeria Limited that our limitation shall not be an excuse for poor performance. The issue of local content should also not be a guise for exhibiting poor entrepreneurial attitude.

Technical Consulting

Our Team of trained professionals helps improve our clients’ operational strategies with best practices, new technology, and management solutions. We help our clients design innovative enterprise models. The result is dramatic, measurable, and sustainable business performance improvement.

We Look Forward To Creating Enduring Partnerships